The vision

Working with Scottish Enterprise, North Ayrshire Council, Zero Waste Scotland and other public and private sector stakeholders, Peel Ports has set out a clear and ambitious vision for Hunterston PARC.

Hunterson PARC will support industrial and economic growth in Scotland with investment in infrastructure that enables efficient logistics, recycling of its assets and resources, and the attraction of new industries.

Six principles have been agreed as the guide for how Hunterston PARC will achieve this vision:

  1. Make it clean – with a focus on the environmentally clean commodities and technologies of the future.
  2. Support the circular economy – by recycling and re-using redundant assets and resources.
  3. Control risk – by encouraging a diverse range of businesses and activities. Relying on one industry (such as coal) runs the risk of the site again falling into disuse.
  4. Create employment – re-establish a thriving industrial hub for the community.
  5. Exploit our special capabilities – make the most of the PARC’s special marine and land assets.
  6. Address the big challenges – prioritise activity that supports the local and national economic agenda.


Sustainable development of Hunterston PARC  will bring significant local economic benefits, with provisional master planning indicating that more than 1,000 jobs  could be created  on the site. These positions will extend from plant operatives and  clerical workers, to scientists and engineers in advanced technology,  breathing new life into local communities in North Ayrshire for decades to come.