The opportunities

Strategic planning for the site has identified a broad range of opportunities and activities which would support the vision.  

The over-arching aim is to regenerate Hunterston PARC into a multi-faceted industrial and economic hub, avoiding over reliance on any one  sector or industry.

Peel Ports is actively working with a number of public and private sector partners who share our vision and guiding principles to develop plans and commercial proposals. Ideas include;


Renewable energy infrastructure

The Scottish Government’s ambition of supplying 50% of Scotland’s heat, transport and electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050 requires significant development of renewable energy infrastructure, such as offshore wind turbines. The Marine Yard at Hunterston PARC has the  potential to support the construction of these new technologies , as well as the responsible recycling of redundant  oil and gas assets.


Scotland has long been at the forefront of energy production and after more than 40 years the industry is now addressing the pressing need to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources alongside safely decommissioning assets from the oil and gas industry.. The Marine Yard at Hunterston PARC, with one of the largest dry docks in the UK, is ideally placed to provide a more environmentally-secure alternative to sending these assets to other locations. This presents a valuable economic opportunity for North Ayrshire and for Scotland, with decommissioning worth an estimated £11bn (Source: Decomm North Sea 2017) to the Scottish economy over the coming years. 

Material recycling and reuse

With decommissioning activity on site, Hunterston PARC is well-positioned for activities which  sort, store, recycle and reuse materials  reclaimed from structures and vessels. Material management could also include processing activities to recycle plastics and other resources into product that can be used by industry and households.

Energy generation

It is important to ensure that new economic activity does not draw upon the nation’s energy supply, so the intention for Hunterston PARC is to ensure that the industry located there powers itself, with clean on-site power generation.

Fuel stocks to be considered will include LNG, biomass, wind, solar, waste-to-energy and tidal. The site is an ideal location for  research, development and testing of clean energy technologies and with Hunterston PARC well-placed to connect to the National Grid, there are also opportunities to export energy to the rest of the UK.


Energy intensive manufacturing and processing

While Scotland’s goals for renewable energy are in the process of being met, energy intensive industries need to find ways to control their energy costs to remain competitive. Hunterston PARC’s onsite energy generation and commitment to developing cleaner, more renewable energy sources will allow businesses in these sectors to secure their energy supply at source.

Bulk import and export

Acknowledging Hunterston’s other attributes  should not ignore the primary function of this site as a port. The deep-water berths at Hunterston PARC are perfectly appointed to accommodate the import and export of bulk commodities including aggregates, LNG, forest products and agribulks for our farming industry.

Off-site construction

Scotland has led the way in UK offsite construction, mostly due to its widespread use of timber frame housing. Currently, around  70% of new homes in Scotland have some element of manufacturing and pre-assembly in a factory.  With its low-cost energy, deep-water berths, rail links for efficient logistics and substantial space for development of new factories, the PARC has significant potential support offsite manufacturing for large-scale civil projects and new homes.



In order to realise these opportunities, four key initiatives have been identified which will enable the regeneration of Hunterston PARC and support the industrial and economic growth of North Ayrshire and Scotland.

  • Investment in specialist skills and innovation
  • Improvement of road and rail infrastructure
  • Upgrade of connection for gas, electricity and telecoms
  • Completion of the dry dock and Marine Yard quay

Peel Ports is working with various organisations including North Ayrshire Council, Scottish Enterprise, Ayrshire College and Skills Development Scotland to put plans in place to address each of these requirements.

In addition, while the various opportunities for regeneration at Hunterston PARC are being explored and developed further, Peel Ports has decided  to invest in improving the existing facilities to unlock its potential and prepare it for future development. This includes the dismantling of the assets formerly used for the handling of coal, and the extension of the jetty at the Marine Yard which will accelerate the potential of the site for future occupiers.